Simultaneous Membership Program

​Another way to get a head start on your future as an officer is through the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP), a volunteer officer training program that allows Army National Guard and Army Reserve enlisted members to participate in the Advanced ROTC Program. The intent of the SMP is to increase officer accessions into the Reserve Components (RC) by increasing ROTC enrollment from enlisted RC members who are attending college.

Upon completion of Basic Training, an RC soldier who is an academic junior can join the Advanced ROTC Program and earn a commission as an officer in the U.S. Army upon completing their college degree. In addition, contracted non-scholarship cadets and RFD scholarship cadets can join an RC unit and the SMP. Advanced Course ROTC SMP students are paid for their Guard/Reserve training and receive the ROTC allowance of up to $2000 for each of their two years in the Advanced Course.

Upon completing the ROTC program, the officer has an eight-year obligation, which can be served in the Reserve Forces, on Active Duty or a combination of the two.


  1. An opportunity to gain a commission while going to college and serve in a Reserve Component Unit.
  2. Hands-on management/leadership training
  3. $420/month ROTC stipend plus $208 per month while at drill
  4. Annual training and Advanced Camp pay
  5. Montgomery GI Bill and tuition waiver
  6. An opportunity to win a two-year or three-year GRFD scholarship
  7. A future as an officer on Active or Reserve Duty
  8. Opportunities for Advanced Military Training (Airborne, Air Assault, and Mountain Warfare)
  9. Advanced Management Training in competitive fields (such as Communications, Hospital Administration, Engineering, Finance, or Personnel Management)