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Annie Marshall


Hi! My name is Annie and I'm a sophomore Architecture student here at UMass Amherst! I grew up on Cape Cod, MA in the town of Falmouth. I love the beach, dancing and getting ice cream with my friends. When I'm not studying in the design building, you can find me at the gym or in the dining hall. I'm a member of the UMass Colleges Against Cancer Organization and the UMass Special Olympics Team. I am also a new member of Sigma Kappa, a sorority here at Umass. I can't wait to share what I love about UMass with you all!

My Content

Make Your Dining Dollars Last

I think that the worst thing that can happen, yet almost always does, is running out of dining dollars before the end of the semester. There is never a time I want a caramel latte more than finals, yet that is exactly the time I have no money left to buy one! So, here are my tips on trying to make your dining dollars last:

Life as an Architecture Major

building blocks

I think one of the hardest parts of applying to college was deciding what major I'd pursue. Some say, "Pick an easy major."  Some say, "Don't pick one at all." I was very unsure what I wanted to do, but I always had an interest in architecture, so when I applied to UMass I also applied to the architecture program. I ended up being accepted to the program along with sixty other incoming students. 

Going to College with High School Friends

Falmouth high school graduates jumping in the air

If you’re from Massachusetts and your high school experience was anything like mine, the majority of your graduating class applied to UMass. Even for the kids that wanted to attend a small college across the country, UMass was still on their list of places they were sending an application. I applied not really knowing if it was a serious option for me, but when May of my senior year came around, it was clear that UMass was the best choice. It had the best program for what I wanted to do (architecture) and wasn’t too far from home.

Why I Went Greek

UMass Amherst National Panhellenic seal

When I came back to UMass for my sophomore year, I was determined to make this school year even better than my first. I had a pretty successful freshman year, and I made friends and did well in school. However, I wanted UMass to feel more like home. I took the summer to compare what was different between the life I lead in college versus the life I had in high school. What it all boiled down to is that in high school, I was way more involved and busy all the time. My first year of college was filled with a lot of down time that I struggled to fill with activity.


My Body My Rules banner hanging on a front porch

Last week many social organizations, such as sororities and fraternities on campus took part in the #ItsOnUs campaign. This campaign is targeted at ending sexual abuse on college campuses and how we, as students, need to be proactive in stopping it.

Colleges Against Cancer Great American Smoke-Out

Colleges Against Cancer graphic

I recently joined Colleges Against Cancer here at UMass, which is apart of the Five College Relay For Life. Some people joined because they were a part of relay teams in high school or because they have a personal connection to the cause. I decided to join this club because I think it is such a great cause and an easy way to get involved! I also needed something flexible that worked with my schedule, and CAC meets every other week at night, which is perfect for me.