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Final Thoughts From A UMass Senior

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Aaliyah and her friends outdoors wearing face coverings with the text,  Final Thoughts From A UMass Senior.

As I am writing this, December 4th, 2020, it is officially the last day of finals here at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for the fall 2020 semester. For myself, this marks my final day as an undergraduate student here at UMass Amherst. After three and a half years, I can hardly believe that this lovely chapter is coming to a close. While this may not be the way I envisioned the ending of my time here to look like, I feel incredibly happy with the time I had and all the wonderful memories that I was able to create.  

With my time at UMass Amherst coming to a close, here are my final thoughts and advice as I close this chapter. 

What is your favorite UMass memory?

My favorite UMass memory is spending time on Orchard Hill with my friends. During my freshman and sophomore year, I lived in upper Central, specifically Van Meter and Butterfield Hall. With these dorms being located on top of a large hill, I got the most beautiful views of the UMass campus and the surrounding scenery. I have vivid memories of sitting on that hill, watching the sunset with my closest friends, just enjoying being with one another. I would give anything to sit on that hill one last time with the people I care about so dearly. 

What aspects of your college experience were unique to being a UMass student? 

The alumni network at UMass Amherst. There is such a large, diverse, and welcoming network of UMass alumni from across the globe that have been such an amazing asset in my personal and professional development. Having this network of people who understand what it is like attending UMass, and have such a genuine passion for helping others who were once in their shoes was something incredibly unique to being a student here. 

What are your prospective post-UMass plans? How has your time at UMass prepared you for this?

I am currently interviewing for a handful of full-time and postgraduate internship positions come graduation. These positions range from roles in marketing, communications, and public relations. Due to my diverse internship experiences, I have a wide range of interests — so I am utilizing this recruitment process to explore what career path I truly want to explore. 

My time at UMass has prepared me for this process through enriching courses in both the English and communication programs, my various internship experiences, and the numerous professional development opportunities offered to me at the University. While finding a job given the circumstances of the world, I have no doubt that the skills and experiences that I have gained throughout my time at UMass will prepare me for whatever career path I venture into.

What dish from UMass Dining will be top of your list to eat when you return to campus as an alum?

Absolutely anything from Hampshire Dining Commons. During my time at UMass, Hampshire was hands down my favorite dining hall (with Frank being a close second). When I was a junior, I ate nearly every meal at Hampshire. Some of my favorite dishes from Hampshire were their chicken tacos with rice and beans, and their tofu sushi. What I loved so much about Hampshire, especially as a picky eater, was that I was able to try so many foods that were out of my comfort zone and discover new foods that I enjoyed. I had not even tried tofu — let alone sushi, before going to Hampshire and now it is one of my favorite meals. When I return to campus as an alum, I will be heading to Hampshire to devour some sushi, tacos, and probably a bunch of other delicious foods.

What advice would you give to a high school senior interested in attending UMass Amherst?

Keep an open mind. When I was exploring colleges throughout my junior and senior year of high school, admittedly, UMass Amherst was not at the top of my list. I always wanted to venture out of Massachusetts during my college years, so UMass Amherst was not my first choice. When it came down to finally committing to a University, I did not realize just how much important factors went into actually deciding to attend a school. Due to cost especially, a majority of the schools I was admitted to out of state just would not work for me or my family. UMass Amherst was so much more affordable for me and ultimately pushed me towards attending. While UMass was not my first choice, I have absolutely no regrets attending and I am grateful that I did. High school seniors, please be more open-minded about any perspective University, it may end up being the best fit for you!

My Final Thoughts 

I will always be grateful for my time here at UMass Amherst, no matter how long or far away I am at UMass. To the Department of Communication, my wonderful friends, my colleagues here at UMass Admissions, and to UMass itself, thank you for making my time here so incredibly special. To those before me, and those who will step on campus years after my departure, remember, GO UMASS!  


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