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Thanksgiving Break: The Perfect Pit Stop Before Finals

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This time of year is known for being pretty stressful for college students. The majority of students here at the University of Massachusetts just finished up their second wave of midterms this past week, and winter has set in. But the finish line is now in sight.

At UMass, classes officially end December 12th. Then finals begin. This may seem like a ways away, but with a nine-day break for the week of Thanksgiving, that leaves just two and a half weeks of classes left in this semester. Having the week for Thanksgiving off is such a nice opportunity to relax, unload, catch up on any missed sleep, and just regather yourself before you make one last run at final exams. Not all schools give students the full week off, but I’m thankful UMass does.

Too much studying and worrying can be mentally draining. In order to maximize yourself, you need some breaks, and this week off is the perfect opportunity. Getting to catch up with family and friends puts the mind at ease for a week, and gives you a glimpse of what’s to come over winter break. When you come back from Thanksgiving break, you’ll only have classes for two and a half more weeks until the first semester is over, and then, just like that, you’ll be into winter break for the next month before you have to start worrying about studying again.

Whether you use the week to make some money, apply for internships, investigate going abroad, take time for yourself, or just an opportunity to eat, I can assure you it'll be a much-needed respite before the end of the semester.


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