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UMass major fair

Are you unsure of career you want to go into? Or what you want to major in? That’s not a problem at UMass. There are so many people on this campus that are here to help you. Whether it be peer mentors in your dorm, advisors in a specific school, advisors within a specific major, peer advisors in either category, and others, many people are always eager to talk and ready to help you.


Just this week, UMass hosted a “Majors Fair” for undecided students; it was also intended for students looking to pick up a potential double major, minor, or certificate. Representatives from all majors were grouped together by academic college and set up around the concourse in the Mullins Center. These representatives could show you how you can apply your skills in their major, what jobs alumni get with a degree from their major, and what majors are best for you.


I talked to the Department of Psychology about picking up a minor, which was something I hadn’t really considered before. I figured it wouldn't make a lot of sense since it's not in the same college as my major, but I liked the gen-ed psych class I took last year so I thought I'd at least see what they had to say. There, I found out picking up a minor is much easier than I thought. It doesn't matter what college the department falls under (although there are some exceptions in the sciences). There's just a short list of classes I would need to take in order to graduate with a psych minor. I also set up a meeting with a College of Social and Behavioral Sciences advisor for next week where we can discuss how much sense it would make for me to pursue a psychology minor and what jobs are looking for someone with expertise in communication and psychology. 


The amount of people on this campus — all with different backgrounds and perspectives — who are here to help you figure out how to maximize your years at UMass is awesome. 


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