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A Blog About Dogs Pt. 2

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Golden retriever in the UMass library

As I wrote about back in October , UMass brings therapy dogs to campus to help students manage the stress that comes with studying for midterms and finals. And on Wednesday, they were back in full force before finals begin next week. Whether you’ve had a long week studying, are about to send in your final papers, or just miss your dog at home, these pups are here to comfort you.


Mini poodles, dachshunds, cocker spaniels, goldens, greyhounds and more all came by the Student Union building and library to give kisses and ask for belly rubs. In both spots, the Center of Health Promotion had tables and packets set up to give additional tips and tricks on how to manage stress most effectively.


As I said last time, it is nice to be at a school that’s genuinely concerned about the well-being of its students. Especially when that results in you getting to pet dogs. Now check out some of my favorite good boys and good girls below!



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