Campus Planning and Resource Committee

The Campus Planning and Resource Committee (CPARC) provides ongoing review of the campus strategic planning and resource allocation processes to ensure transparency in and effective integration of planning and budgeting. More specifically, CPARC:

  • advises the Chancellor on the information and processes needed for transparent and consultative planning at the campus level and other appropriate levels - at the college and department levels within Academic Affairs, and at appropriate functional levels within Administrative and Support Units;
  • undertakes ongoing evaluation of the processes for priority identification and budgeting at the campus, college, department, and other unit levels, and provides the Chancellor with advice focused on ensuring that those processes remain evidence-driven, transparent, and consultative; and
  • undertakes ongoing evaluation of efforts to engage in medium-term planning and ensure that these plans inform the annual priorities-setting and budgeting processes;
  • provides top-level coordination of the preparation of campus documents for NECHE reaccreditation reviews (every ten years) and mid-cycle reviews (five years later); and
  • undertakes additional tasks that might be assigned from time to time by the Chancellor in consultation with the Rules Committee.

CPARC will discuss planning and budgeting issues with the relevant campus administrative leaders, and encourage campus community discussion and feedback on these matters. It will provide the Chancellor with observations and recommendations regarding planning and budgeting and keep the campus community informed of its work and recommendations by providing the Faculty Senate each spring semester with a comprehensive annual report summarizing its activities and reporting its recommendations.

CPARC may establish subcommittees or working groups to undertake closer examination of particular planning concerns or aspects of the budgeting processes. Such subcommittees or working groups will provide the Committee with findings and advice on the matters referred to them. When coordinating the preparation of reaccreditation self-studies or mid-cycle reports, CPARC will include the chairs of the Working Groups established to write the various sections of the self-study or midterm review in its meetings devoted to that work.

The Campus Chief Planning Officer, the Budget Director, and the Chief of Academic Finance and Administration have authority to share planning and budget data with CPARC.



Annual Reports