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Integration + Innovation, 2019 Building Technology Educators’ Society Conference

Architecture Research Collaborative


Integration and Innovation (conference cover)



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Organizing Team:

Caryn Brause, Peggi Clouston, Naomi Darling


Integration + Innovation

Innovation can begin with conjecture, with a searching for more effective solutions, or with an application to currently unknown or unarticulated needs. Innovation scholarship examines the personal intellectual habits that support new ideas, such as openness and exploratory behavior, as well as the circumstances behind the places in which creativity flourishes, such as support for cross-disciplinary fertilization and access to resources. The 2019 BTES conference explored the role of technology education and curriculum in cultivating these intellectual habits in our students (and ourselves) and in creating the organizational spaces in which the future of practice will be shaped. Sessions presented exemplary proposals of research and pedagogical applications that explore innovative practices and integrative thinking in the academy and profession.


Brause, C., Clouston, P., and Darling, N., eds., (2019). "2019 BTES Conference Program Integration + Innovation", Proceedings of the 2019 Building Technology Educators’ Society Conference, University of Massachusetts Amherst, June 19-22.