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Imagining Future Innovative Facades Workshop

Architecture Research Collaborative


Imagining Future Innovative Facades Workshop



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Organizing Team:

Ajla Aksamija, Ulrich Knaack, Bill Marshall and Suncica Milosevic


Imagining Future Innovative Facades Workshop

This fully online workshop focused on the innovations in facade systems, particularly addressing materials, technologies, and innovative design methods. The on-line delivery offered a virtual platform for presentations, discussions, and interactive learning opportunities. Originally, this workshop was scheduled as part of the Facades Week in Los Angeles. However, due to the unforeseen circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, the organization of this component was rescheduled and set up in an on-line environment. This opened an opportunity for diverse and far-reaching participation of architects, designers, researchers, and advanced university students from all over the world. Resulting participation included nearly every continent.

The workshop was scheduled over a four-day period with two-hour meetings on each of those days. The first day included an introductory presentation by Ajla Aksamija, an overview of the first exercise and a sponsor presentation by Galen Burrell, Director of Lighting, from View. The second, third and fourth day each consisted of organizers’ presentations, followed by the participant presentations on the three topics of exercises. The order of topics was the following: Facades by Bill Marshall, Materials by Ajla Aksamija and Technologies by Ulrich Knaack. Meanwhile, our last organizer Suncica Milosevic aided with graphic design of contributed content and facilitation of technology platforms during the course of the workshop. Participants had an opportunity to explore innovative facade design techniques, materials and new technologies, and to work on specific exercises. Results of this workshop were summarized in a compiled document, comprising of organizers’ presentations and the participants’ presentations for each topic to capture the and share the wide array of inspirations and talented ideas. 


Aksamija A., Knaack, U., Marshall, B., and Milosevic, S., (2020). Workshop: Imagining Future Innovative Facades. 

*note to web developer: This event has a pdf availavble for download.