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High-Performance Building Facades Workshop

Architecture Research Collaborative


High-Performance Building Facades Workshop



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Organizing Team:

Ajla Aksamija, Dave Sommer (President, Interra Building Envelope & Mӧdfacade), students Mahsa Farid Mohajer and Suncica Milosevic


High-Performance Building Facades Workshop

This fully online and free educational workshop was organized by the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Mӧdfacade. It was sponsored by numerous organizations and industries, proceeds which will dedicated toward ARC research. This workshop was intended for architects, designers, engineers, manufacturers, consultants, and owners’ representatives interested in learning about high-performance facades. It covered methods for designing sustainable, high-performance facades, and the necessary steps in ensuring that the environmental factors and energy-efficiency strategies are integrated with the design process. The facade is one of the most significant contributors to the energy budget and the comfort parameters of any building. High-performance facades need to block adverse external environmental effects, while maintaining internal comfort conditions with minimum energy consumption.
The workshop was conducted online, with four 1.5-hour long sessions spanning over two weeks in January 2021. The covered material was based on Dr. Aksamija’s book Sustainable Facades: Design Methods for High-Performance Building Envelopes (John Wiley & Sons, 2013). Dr. Aksamija conducted lectures on each of the scheduled days, with the following learning objectives: design methods for high-performance facades; building performance analysis tools that are suitable for facade design; thermal behavior, occupants’ comfort, materials, and advanced facade technologies; and case study overview of real-world applications of innovative façade design approaches.