AIAS University of Massachusetts

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS)

The UMass Amherst chapter of the American Institute of Architectural Students (AIAS) is an active student organization focused on programs benefiting students in their professional development, and advocating for them. Its mentorship program allows upperclassmen mentors and underclassmen mentees to obtain knowledge and network with one another. The AIAS Freedom by Design program provides students the opportunity to volunteer in hands-on projects that give back to our local community while also giving students the chance to gain AXP hours early in their career path towards an architectural license.
AIAS sponsors professional and social events throughout the year including: resume and portfolio reviews, architectural software Info sessions, professional networking events, mentorship nights, hands-on projects, and recreational activities.

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NOMAS UMass Amherst The National Organization of Minority Architecture Students

National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS)

The students of the UMass Amherst chapter of the National Organization of Minority Architecture Students (NOMAS) have come together to enhance our education, network with professionals, and begin to define solutions which will ensure a healthy living and working environment for the whole community. Together we find a community of purpose and cultural experience that warrants our combined efforts in the advancement of our future profession, our respective activities in it, and the needs of the communities we will serve.

The goal of this NOMAS chapter is to foster an empathetic environment that is supportive of minority architecture students and to host activities grounded in our core values of equity, education and empathy. Events may take the form of a paint night, for example, where students are asked to paint an image that represents equity and is followed by a group discussion, participation in the annual NOMAS Conference, engagement with NOMAS chapters at other universities, and community service.

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Women in Architecture

Women in Architecture (WiA)

UMass Women in Architecture (WiA) is a networking organization for women in architecture and their allies. Our goal is to help provide opportunities for women going into architecture or related fields by connecting students with female professionals. Our organization hosts professional development workshops, networking events, and firm tours.

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