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NAAB Public Information

NAAB Conditions and Procedures

a) Conditions for Accreditation, 2020 Edition

b) Conditions for Accreditation in effect at the time of the last visit

c) Procedures for Accreditation, 2020 Edition

d) Procedures for Accreditation in effect at the time of the last visit


Accreditation Reports and Related Documents

a) All Interim Progress Reports and Narratives of Program Annual Reports submitted since the last team visit: UMass Amherst Five Year IPR Binder and Template   UMass Amherst Two Year IPR Template

b) All NAAB responses to any Plan to Correct and any NAAB responses to the Program Annual Reports since the last team visit: 2021 Five Year IPR Response  2018 Two Year IPR Response

c) The most recent decision letter from the NAAB

d) The Architecture Program Report submitted for the last visit

e) The final edition of the most recent Visiting Team Report

h) NCARB ARE pass rates

i) UMass Amherst Architecture Studio Culture Policy

j) UMass Amherst Architecture Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion