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Pari Riahi

Assistant Professor

Pari Riahi

(413) 545-0948

Pari Riahi Architects, Inc. Research Work

Design Building Room 315

Pari Riahi is an Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts Amherst in the Department of Architecture. Prior to joining UMass, she taught in multiple capacities at RISD, MIT and SUNY Buffalo. Pari teaches design studios and gives theory courses and seminars centered on architectural drawings and representation and the contemporary city. Pari completed her PhD at McGill University in 2010.

Her first book, Ars et Ingenium: The Embodiment of Imagination in Francesco di Giorgio Martini’s Drawings (Routledge, 2015) concerns the systematic inclusion of drawing as a component of architectural design and investigates the treatises of Francesco as one of its strong advocates. Her upcoming book, Disjointed Continuity: Architectural Drawing in the Post-Digital Era tracks the propagation of digital media and its effect on architectural theory and practice. Having investigated the Renaissance as a clear moment of identifying drawing as a primary vehicle for architectural thought and action, the work looks into the complexities, potentials and promises of the digital tools and techniques in redefining drawing. Questions related to contemporary cities in crisis and possible intervention and reuse strategies form a secondary track in Pari’s research. She has been actively engaged with this research track through teaching elective studios and doing hypothetical projects, which have been published in peer-reviewed journals.  

Pari is a registered architect and pursues projects that are at the confluence of landscape, urban, and architectural design. Prior to starting her practice in 2011, Pari worked for the offices of Machado and Silvetti and Martha Schwartz Inc. Her office focuses on small-scale built projects as well as large-scale hypothetical interventions within the confines of cities.



Ars et Ingenium: The Embodiment of Imagination in Francesco di Giorgio Martini's Drawings, Routledge, Abdingdon(2015) 


"Expanding the Boundaries of Architectural Representation" The Journal of Architecture Vol. 22 Iss. 5 (2017) p. 815 - 824

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"Fostering Resilience in a Vulnerable Terrain" int|AR: Resilience and Adaptability in building interventions and adaptive reuse Vol. 05 (2014) p. 40 - 45

Conference Proceedings

"The Improvised Versus the Planned: In Search of Public Space in Parisian Suburbs" Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture 105th Annual Meeting , (2017)