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Reception and Gallery Talk: Thursday, October 27th 4:30-6:00pm

Foreshadow brings together recent photographs and sculptural forms by Anna Heplar. The photographs are shadow studies on cut and altered clay cylinders. In some cases the shadow flattens form to appear like cut paper in a collage, and in others it emphasizes a vivid three-dimensionality. I am interested in how light and shadow alter our understanding of form. It distorts but also explains.

The sculptures are composed of modular parts, assembled in a blunt visible way, like game pieces. The visible construction allows us to imagine new forms constructed from the same parts – an invitation. They are non-static. The materials appear as themselves, but also disguised, or repurposed in ways that are unfamiliar.

In both cases, I am interested in the limits of our perception, and how, embedded in familiar materials and objects, there exists a stranger, conjured by light and shadows, or by the mutability of form.

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