Computing Resources

General Computing Advice for Incoming Architecture Students

In the Department of Architecture, students will depend upon personal computers for communications, scheduling, research and personal work. Computer use is also required in many courses.

There is one dual-boot Mac lab in the Fine Arts Center. It is open for student use when classes are not in session. There are other computer workstations available in the Learning Commons at the UMass libary. While you may find these resources useful, it will be difficult for you to be productive without your own laptop computer. 

The University provides many software packages for free and others at a significant educational discount. Before purchasing hardware or software, it is worth reviewing the resources available to you.

Please click here to review and download the details in PDF format.

Plotting and Laser Cutting

The Department of Architecture maintains a plotter room with large format plotters and a laser cutter shop with a Jamieson Laser Cutter model CMA. Both resources are student managed. Students are trained as part of the digital technology sequence in the first year of the graduate program and in selective undergraduate studios. Students matriculating after the first year may contact the plotter and laser cutter TA to find out when the next training session will take place. 

The 2015-2016 TA is Evan Janes (ejanes@umass.edu).

Laser Cutter Resources

CNC Router

The Department has one Techno LC4896 computer numerically controlled (CNC) router. It is managed by trained teaching assistants. For the Fall 2016, the router will not be available as we plan to move into our new building and shop.

CNC Resources