The University of Massachusetts Amherst

2022 Undergraduate Student Awards

Quinn Kinney the awardee of the 2022 Art Keene Leadership Award

The Art Keene Leadership Awardee Quinn Kinney

We are pleased to announce the following students who have received awards, and recognition this year:

The Samya Rose Stumo Scholarship (for Promoting People-Centered Global Health and Well Being)

  • Ame Tsamaase

The Nat Smith Community Service Award (for Outstanding Accomplishments in Service)

  • Meera Ramakrishnan

The Art Keene Leadership Award (for Exemplary Leadership in Service and Activism)

  • Quinn Kinney

Nathalie F.S. Woodbury Distinguished Service Award (for Scholastic Achievement and University Service)

  • Ame Tsamaase

Undergraduate Research Awards (for Excellence in Undergraduate Research in Anthropology)

  • Briana Fonda
  • Magnus Popov

The Sylvia H. Forman Writing Prize (for Excellence in Undergraduate Writing in Anthropology)

  • Benjamin Siegal

The Sylvia Forman Multimodal Award (for Excellence in Undergraduate MultiModal Writing in Anthropology)

  • Azuna Sawada
  • Jamie Macdonald
  • Emma Donais (Honorable Mention)

Study Abroad Awards (for Undergraduates to have a Truly Immersive Experience in Cultural Study Abroad)

  • Mikayla Stormo-Dolge
  • Benjamin Greer

Summer Based Community Internship Award

  • Quinn Kinney