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Anthropology Courses

Spring 2021 Course Descriptions*

*courses subject to change at any time

Undergraduate 100-500 Level

Courses are subject to change at any time.                           

                  Spring 2021 Schedule as of September 23, 2020                 

100 Level with Discussion   
101 Biology, Culture & the Human ExperienceMWDorsey/
102 Intro to Archaeology: Humans Past & PresentMWAtalaySB DG
103 Human Origins & VariationTuThDisotellBS
104 Culture, Society & People    MWCaverlySB DG
200 Level   
210 Economies and CulturesMWFKrauseSB DG
269 North American ArchaeologyTuTh StewartHS DU
270 North American IndiansOnlineAdamsSB DU
281 Statistics in Anthropology using RMWFZamora 
290A Anatomy of the Human BodyTuThHolt 
300 | 400 | 500 Level   
312 Medical AnthropologyMWLeatherman 
313 Nutritional AnthropologyTuThDorsey 
337 Archaeology of MesoamericaTuThPerez 
364 Problems in AnthropologyTuThHemmentJYW
380 Grassroots Community Orangizing (application)ThuHelepololei 
384 African American AnthropologyTuThWalker Johnson 
394AI Europe After the WallTuThHemment 
394RI Ethnography in ActionMWHarperIE
395W Gender, Nation and Body PoliticsTuThWalker Johnson 
397DC Decolonizing CollectionsTuThWoods 
397TT Race and the American MuseumTuThZiegenbein 
416 Primate EvolutionTuThDisotell 
491E Queer EthnographiesTuThShah 
494PI Political EcologyMWStewart 
499D Honors Capstone: Conquest By Law 
(CHC Students & Application)
578 Theory & Method in ArchaeologyTuStewart 
597CC Community, Commons & CommunismThShear 


Graduate 500-899 Level
500 Level   
578     Theory & Method in ArchaeologyTuStewart
597CC Community, Commons & Communism    ThShear
600 Level   
635 Qualitative Research MethodsMWHarper
641 Theory & Method in Social Anthropology 1WedCaverly
699   MA Thesis Credits                      
700/800 Level   
899  Dissertation Credits  

* 600, 700, and 800 Level Independent studies and Research offered, please contact individual faculty.


RAP (Residential Academic Programs)

Residential Academic Programs (RAP) provides UMass Amherst students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of rewarding academic and social experiences.
FALL 2020    (Spring 2021 TBD)
Anthro 100  Human Nature  (Gen.Ed. SB DG) 4 Credits
Instructor: Andrew Zamora

CHC/Honors Courses

Commonwealth Honors Program (CHC

Spring 2021
Anthro 102H Intro to Archaeology: Humans Past & Present   (Gen. Ed.  SB DG)  4 credits
MW   2:30-3:45
Instructor: Eric Johnson

499D: Senior Capstone: Conquest By Law Part 2
(enrollment by Instructor permission)
TuTh 10:00-11:15
Instructor: Kathleen Brown-Perez

UWW/CPE On-Line Courses

A variety of on-line courses in Anthropology are offered through the University Without Walls (UWW) program during Fall, Winter Intersession, Spring and Summer.

Winter 2021:

Anthro 100  Human Nature4 crSB DG
Anthro 103  Human Origins & Variation4 crBS
Anthro 106  Culture Through Film4 crSB DG
Anthro 150  Ancient Civilizations4 crHS DG
Anthro 275  Dragons Around the World4 crSB DG
Anthro 312  Medical Anthropology3 cr