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Anthropology Courses

Fall 2020 Course Descriptions*

*courses subject to change at any time

Undergraduate 100-500 Level

Courses are subject to change at any time.                           

                   Fall 2020 Anthropology Course Offerings (Course are Fully Remote for Fall 2020) * Note time changes
Anthro 297MR Forensics: Myth and Reality is an IN-PERSON on CAMPUS Course
                  Anthro 320       Skeleton Keys: Research Methods is an IN-PERSON on CAMPUS Course

100 Level with Discussion   
103 Human Origins & VariationMWStoneBS
104 Culture, Society & PeopleMWShearSB DG
105 Language, Culture & SocietyMWArnoldSB DG
150 Ancient Civilizations     MWJohnsonHS DG
200 Level   
205  Power & Inequality in the U.S.MWSandlerSB DU
208 Human EcologyTuTh JohnsonSB DG
258 Food and CultureTuThConzoSB DG
297AC Anthro Careers: BeyondThuShear 
297MR Forensics: Myth & Reality w/Lab (On-Campus Class) MWPerez 
297NF Neanderthals: Fact & FictionTuThHolt 
297W W.E.B. Du Bois in Our TimeTuThBattle-Baptiste 
300 | 400 | 500 Level   
315 Global Health: Case StudiesTuThAulino 
317 Primate BehaviorMWKamilar 
320 Skeleton Keys: Research Methods  (On-Campus Class)WedHolt 
345 Urban AnthropologyTuThCaverly 
364  Problems in AnthropologyMWWalker JohnsonJYW
372 Human VariationTuThDisotell 
386 Critical Pedagogy Peer Facilitation (Inst. Permission)TueSandler 
394EI Evolutionary MedicineMWFSievertIE
397CC Historical ArchaeologyTuThStewart 
397RR Disease EcologyTuThDorsey 
397L Leadership & Activism (application)MonSandler 
499C Honors Capstone: Conquest By Law 
(CHC Students & Application)
546 Critical Knowledge Practices (Permission Req.)MonSandler 
591R Anti-Racism: Theory & PracticeTueWalker Johnson 


Graduate 500-899 Level
500 Level   
546   Critical Knowledge PracticesMonSandler
591R Anti-Racism: Theory & Practice               TueWalker Johnson
600 Level   
600      Pro-Seminar in AnthropologyWedUrla
603     Community Based Research Methods & PracticesMon Time: Mon. (time TBD)Hemment
693W  Worlds of MigrationWedShah
697BC Bio-Cultural Anthropology TueLeatherman
699   MA Thesis Credits                      
700/800 Level   
899  Dissertation Credits  

* 600, 700, and 800 Level Independent studies and Research offered, please contact individual faculty.


RAP (Residential Academic Programs)

Residential Academic Programs (RAP) provides UMass Amherst students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of rewarding academic and social experiences.

Anthro 100  Human Nature  (Gen.Ed. SB DG) 4 Credits
Instructor: Andrew Zamora

CHC/Honors Courses

Commonwealth Honors Program (CHC

Fall 2020
Anthro 105H Language, Culture and Society   (Gen. Ed.  SB DG)  4 credits
Instructor: Lynnette Arnold

499C: Senior Capstone: Conquest By Law Part 1
(enrollment by Instructor permission)
Instructor: Kathleen Brown-Perez

UWW/CPE On-Line Courses

A variety of on-line courses in Anthropology are offered through the University Without Walls (UWW) program.  <link> during Fall, Winter Intersession, Spring and Summer.

FALL 2020