The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Richard B. Woodbury Award

The Department is pleased to announce the Richard B. Woodbury award competition. The award provides for a travel grant of up to approximately $500 to help underwrite the travel expenses that grad students incur in making their first presentation of a paper at a national or international anthropology conference during the twelve-month period from June 1, - May 31. The deadline for submission for papers presented during the AY 19-20 cycle is date to TBD.

The award comes from the interest earned from the gifts provided to the university by and on behalf of Richard Woodbury, an Emeritus Professor of the University, and our first department chair, and his wife Nathalie, also an anthropologist.

The committee that screens applications will judge papers solely on their intrinsic intellectual quality. In fairness to all students, awards can be made retroactively for participation in any qualifying meeting held during the 12-month award period. The total amount of the prize will be dependent on the amount of interest generated by the Woodbury fund. Note that students may apply for both Woodbury and Graduate Travel Grants (provided the student qualifies for the Woodbury).

The committee will meet during the spring semester to select up to two recipients. In order to apply please submit the following:

1. A copy of the paper you presented at the conference (in the format in which you presented it).

2. A letter to the committee stating that the paper you are submitting is the first paper you have ever presented at a national or international conference.

3. A photocopy of the relevant page(s) of the conference program, or comparable proof (e.g., letter of acceptance), verifying your participation.

   Submit all of the above to Shelley Silva via email or in an envelope marked, "Woodbury Competition."