Awards: Graduate Students

New MA's:   New PhD's:

Brie Adams

Elias Capello

  Anthony F. Martin

Derek Doughty

Caitlin Homrich

 Mary Larkum

Mackenzie Jackson Roman Sanchez

 Gina Agostini

Berra Topcu Erin Whittey

 Sarah Reedy



Graduate Student Department Awards:

Pre-dissertation Awards:

Eleanor Finley, Eric Griffith, Castriela Hernandez, Erica Kowsz, Ying Li, Marc Lorenc, Jena McLaurin, Sarah Mathena-Allen, Priscilla Mollard, Cary Speck

The Armelagos-Swedlund Graduate Research Award for outstanding research and in medical and biocultural anthropology.

1. Adam Zimmer

Art Keene Leadership Award:

1. Elias Capello

Richard B. Woodbury Travel Awards – for presentation of a first paper at a major conference

1. Adam Zimmer

2. Ana del Conde

The Nathalie F.S. Woodbury Distinguished Service Award – for scholastic achievement and university service

1. Dana Conzo

Nat Smith Community Service Award:

1. Justin Helepololei

Graduate School Dissertation Fellowship Award AY17-18:

1. Seda Saluk  $10,000

2. Lauren Woodard $10,000

Graduate Travel Awards:

Fall 2016: Dana Conzo, Eleanor Finley, Vanesa Giraldo, Dana Johnson, Ying Li, Marc Lorenc, Elena Sesma, Cary Speck, Evan Taylor, and Berra Topcu

Spring 2017: Gina Agostini, Rebecca Bartusewich, Julieta Chaparro-Buitrago, Ana del Conde, Derek Doughty, Castriela Hernandez Reyes, Erica Kowsz, Sarah Mathena-Allen, Vanessa Miranda-Juarez, Jena McLaurin, Sarah Reedy, Alin Rus and Adam Zimmer

Other Awards:
Vanessa Miranda Juarez: National Council of Science and Technology (Mexico) FA16-SP18  $96,000 and Pre-Dissertation Research Award from CLACLS

Adam Zimmer: Leifur Eriksson Foundation  Aug. 2017-June 2018  $25,000

Dana Johnson: Center for Research on Families Travel Award  $300 and Mellon-CES Dissertation Completion Fellowship 2017-2018 $27,500

Erica Kowsz: UMass Graduate School Dissertation Fieldwork Grant $3500

Jonathan Hill: UMass Graduate School Dissertation Award $10,000

Ana del Conde: CPE Innovation Fund Award for Summer 2017 $3,000

Vanesa Giraldo: SBS Summer 2017 Pre-dissertation Fellowship $4,000

Claudia Morales: Internship with KIND Foundation and Participant in the Summer Institute on Migration and Global Health Workshop at Berkley