Race, Inequality, and Social Justice in the Americas

In this concentration, students will explore how systems of inequality and injustice have been formed, imposed,experienced, and, importantly, contested. Students will learn about the socio-cultural construction of race and racial identities, particularly how race becomes materialized in landscapes, language, artifacts, and institutions. Calling attention to the social movements and creative cultural expressions from racialized peoples, courses in this concentration explore inequality, race, and social justice across the Americas.

Relevant Courses Include:

100 Level Courses

102 Archaeology & Prehistory or 150 Ancient Civilization

103 Human Origins & Variation

104 Culture, Society & People OR 106 Culture through Film

105 Language, Culture & Communication


200 Level Courses

205 Inequality & Oppression

297M Disease, Famine, & Warfare

220 Intro to Native American Studies

281 Research Methods in Anthropology

297LR Language and Racism

297O Gender in Hip Hop Culture

297PP Anthropology of Slavery

292H Violence in American Culture


300 Level Courses

306 Visual Anthropology

321H Violence in American Culture

360 Language, Culture & Society

370 Contemporary Issues of Native Americans

380 Grassroots Community Organizing (UACT)

384 African American Anthropology

394AI Europe after the Wall

394RI Applied Anthropology Research Methods

397 Gender, Race, & the Body

397 Health in Latin America

397BP Biology of Poverty

397CP Critical Pedagogy

397D Public Anthropology

397DD Bioarcheology of Violence

397CS Case Studies in Global Health

397JA Archaeology of Social Complexity

397LM Language, Migration and Mobility

397RE Anthropology of Race & Education

397SD Sustainability or Sustaining Development

397SS Celtic Diaspora

397TT Race & the American Museum


400 Level Courses

494BI Global Bodies

494AD Archaeology of the African Diaspora

497DG Indigenous Archaeology

497EN Endangered Languages: Why Do They Matter?

497PN Language, Nationalism & Postnationalism

497R Political Economy of Race & Racism

497/697 Critical Indigenous Theory & Method