Paulette Steeves

Dr. Paulette Steeves (Ph.D. SUNY Binghamton) will be joining us as a Visiting Lecturer for the Academic Year.  Dr. Steeves, who grew up in Lillooet, British Columbia, is a First Nations/ Native American, Cree- Metis descendant.  Dr. Steeves is an Indigenous archaeologist with a focus on the Pleistocene history of the Western Hemisphere (the Americas).  She has focused her research on decolonizing and rewriting Indigenous histories through indigenous method and theory. In her research Steeves argues that indigenous peoples were present in the Western Hemisphere as early as 60,000 years ago, and possibly much earlier. She has created a data base of hundreds of archaeology sites in both North and South America that date from 250,000 to 12,000 years before present.

Contact: (413) 577-3781