Lynnette Arnold

B.A. – Mills College, 2009

M.A. – University of California, Santa Barbara, 2011

Ph.D. – University of California, Santa Barbara, 2016

Areas of Specialization

language and transnational migration; care; language, power and social justice; language and global health; interaction; narrative and discourse analysis; digital communication and media; language and racism; language, gender, and sexuality; embodied communication; El Salvador, Central America; United States

Research Description

Dr. Arnold’s research examines the intersection of communication and care in the context of the exclusions produced by neoliberalism and contemporary regimes of (im)mobility in the Americas. Her book manuscript, Communicating Care: Everyday Family Conversations Across Borders, explores the role of communication in the lives of multigenerational transnational families living stretched between El Salvador and the United States. Her concept of communicative care highlights how such mundane conversations are used to nurture relationships and pursue wellbeing at the margins of neoliberalism, even as they simultaneously bring global inequalities into the intimate domain of family life. The contradictory effects of language emerge as a theme in her other research, including past work on Salvadoran migrants’ accounts of their unauthorized journeys through Mexico, and on participation practices at a bilingual community bike shop. Moving forward, Dr. Arnold is pursuing research on the online creation of diasporic belonging through #CentralAmericanTwitter and launching a major new project on language, health, and family in the context of an epidemic of chronic kidney disease that is impacting rural areas of Central America. Dr. Arnold brings a commitment to social justice to her research and teaching, and has also written about liberatory pedagogy and contemporary immigration policy in both scholarly and public venues.

Key Publications

2019. Arnold, Lynnette. Accompanying as accomplices: Pedagogies for community engaged learning in sociocultural linguistics. Language and Linguistics Compass.

2019. Arnold, Lynnette. Language Socialization Across Borders: Producing Scalar Subjectivities through Material-Affective Semiosis. Pragmatics.

2019. Arnold, Lynnette and Paja Faudree. Language and Social Justice: Teaching about the ‘Word Gap’. American Speech 94(2):283-301.

2018. Dick, Hilary Parsons and Lynnette Arnold. From South to North and Back Again: Making and Blurring Boundaries in Conversations across Borders. Language and Communication 59: 17-27.

2015. Arnold, Lynnette. The Reconceptualization of Agency through Ambiguity and Contradiction: Salvadoran Women Narrating Unauthorized Migration. Women’s Studies International Forum 52: 10-19.

2013. Arnold, Lynnette. Reproducing Actions, Reproducing Power: Local Ideologies and Everyday Practices of Participation at a California Community Bike Shop. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 22(3): 137-158.

Curriculum Vitae