Boone Shear

Machmer 207A
Curriculum Vitae


B.A., Western Michigan University, 2003; M.A., Western Michigan University, 2006; Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2015

Area(s) of Specialization:

Post-Capitalism, Community Economies, Ontological Politics, Higher Education, Engaged Research and Pedagogy

Research Description:

My research interests coalesce around critical investigations of capitalism and efforts to imagine and organize around hidden, suppressed, or unrealized ways of being in the world. I work with groups and movements that are involved in or organizing around ethical ways of producing, distributing, and consuming stuff. In particular, I am interested in economic subjectivity, neoliberal development, post-capitalism and ontological politics, activism and community engagement, political ecology, and public anthropology.
I live with my 11-year-old daughter in Amherst. We like to play badminton, swim, garden, read, watch movies, and goof around.

Key Publications:

2017 Learning Under Neoliberalism: Explorations of Neoliberal Governance at the University. Edited with Sue Hyatt and Susan Wright. Berghahn Press.

2015 Loh, Penn and Shear, Boone W. Solidarity Economy and Community Development: Emerging Cases in Three Massachusetts Cities. Community Development. 46 (3): 1-17.

2014 Shear, Boone W. Making the Green Economy: Politics, Desire, and Economic Possibility. Journal of Political Ecology. 21: 193-209.

2013 Shear, Boone W. and Vin Lyon-Callo. Kalamazoo’s Promise: Exploring the Violence of Economic Development. City and Society. 25(1): 70-91.