Anthropology team leads workshop in Basque country

Via UMass Public Policy

University of Massachusetts Anthropology researchers in Bilbao, Spain

A team of Anthropology researchers recently traveled to Bilbao in the Basque region of Spain to lead a method-training workshop. Professors Jackie Urla and Krista Harper, also a Public Policy Professor, as well as PhD candidate Christa Burdick, recently led a method-training workshop at the Agirre Lehendakaria Center.

The Agirre Center was created by Juan Jose Ibarretxe, former president of the Basque Autonomous Community, who last year was at UMass Amherst to deliver the second annual lecture for the William A. Douglass Chair in Basque Cultural Studies in the Department of Anthropology. The Agirre Center conducts research throughout the Basque country identifying key narratives of the Basque cultural experience, with the goal of recommending and co-creating socially responsive policies and programs. 

Over the course of the five-day workshop, Harper, Urla, and Burdick presented and discussed participatory digital research methods with fifteen researchers affiliated with the Agirre Center. Participants conducted a photo-voice and linguistic landscape project on urban space in Bilbao and learned the basics of coding with qualitative data analysis software. 

The UMass team hopes to build on this experience and create student opportunities to carry out participatory research with the Agirre Center in the future. "We feel so lucky to have a chance to work with this incredible group of participatory action researchers in the Basque Country," Harper said.

Photo: Christa Burdick, Jackie Urla, and Krista Harper at the Agirre Lehendakaria Center.