Health and the Body

Courses in this pathway focus on the interrelationship of culture, society, health, and the body in a global context. Students pursuing this course of study will gain skills and expertise of great relevance for healthcare related careers, including public health, medicine, and psychological services as well as a strong foundation for graduate studies in a variety of fields. The analytic reasoning and community engagement abilities developed in this pathway are increasingly sought after by employers in a wide range of professions.

Interested students are also encouraged to pursue the Culture Health & Science (CHS) Certificate and to explore the University Alliance for Community Transformation (UACT) Program’s involvement with health- related community organizations.


Relevant Courses Include


100 Level Courses

103 Human Origins & Variation

104 Culture, Society & People OR 106 Culture through Film

105 Language, Culture & Communication


200 Level Courses

205 Inequality & Oppression

208 Human Ecology

265H Bizarre Foods

281 Research Methods Anthropology

297 Alzheimer & Aging

297AD Approaching Death: Case Studies

297M Disease, Famine, & Warfare: Intro to Human Adaptability

297VC Violence and Conflict in Prehispanic America


300 Level Courses

312 Medical Anthropology

313 Nutritional Anthropology

320 Research Techniques in Physical Anthropology

321H Violence in American Culture

372 Human Variation

394EI Evolutionary Medicine

397AS Anthropology of Sexuality

397BP Biology of Poverty

397 Gender, Race, & the Body

397DD Bioarchaeology of Violence

397GB Global Health: Biosocial Perspectives

397LA Health in Latin America

397SD Sustainability or Sustaining Development?

397 Psychological Anthropology

397U Anthropology of Growth & Development


400 Level Courses

494BI Global Bodies

494RI Religion, Evolution, and Human Biology