MA Program Requirements

  1. Must complete a minimum of 30 graduate credits.
  2. For those writing an MA thesis, a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 credits of Anthropology 699 must be completed.
  3. At least 21 credits must be earned in graduate course work in the department: of these, at least 12 must be earned in courses 600-800 series if the student is not writing a thesis; otherwise, at least 6 credits beyond thesis credits must be from the 600-800 series of courses.
  4. The balance of credits may be earned in the 500-800 series of courses, whether in anthropology or in another department. With the specific permission of the advisor, courses in the 400 series outside the department may be included.
  5. Not more than 6 credits may be transferred into a student's degree program from non-degree programs (e.g. Continuing Education graduate credits, non-degree graduate status and credits earned at other universities.) Such transfers take place only after a recommendation from the advisor to the Graduate Program Director, GPD.

See the Graduate Student Handbook for further details.