The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Graduate Courses

Anthropology offers a variety of graduate-level courses across the subfields every semester.
Please see the link below for courses being offered in Fall 2023 Course descriptions coming soon!

Undergraduate 100-500 Level

Courses are subject to change at any time.                          

                 Fall 2023 Courses as of March 21, 2023            

      100 Level   
103  Human Origins and VariationMW


104  Culture, Society and PeopleMWShearSB DG
105  Language, Culture & SocieMWArnoldSB DG
150  Ancient Civilizations      MWPacygaHS DG
         200 Level   
205  Inequality and Power in the U.S.       MWZiegenbeinSB DU
208  Human Ecology   TuThReedySB DG
215  Forensics: Myth and RealityMWPerez 
269  North American ArchaeologyTuThStewartHS DG
271 Human EvolutionTuThHolt 
290STA  Emerging DiseasesTuThDisotell 
        300 | 400 | 500 Level   
312  Medical Anthropology                              TuThLeatherman 
313  Nutritional AnthropologyTuThDorsey 
317  Primate BehaviorMWKamilarBS
320  Skeleton Keys: Research MethodsWed.Holt 
340  Building Solidarity EconomiesTuThShear 
364  Problems In AnthropologyTuThKrauseJYW
384  African American AnthropologyTuThWalker Johnson 
386  Critical Pedagogy (by permission)Mon.James 
390STA Archaeology of UsTuThStewart 
394EI  Evolutionary MedicineMWSievertIE
416  Primate EvolutionTuThDisotell 


Graduate 500-899 Level
500 | 600 Level   
546  Critical Knowledge Practices                                                        TBASandler
600  Intro to Grad School (Anthro Grads)MonHemment
690STA History of AnthropologyTueWalker Johnson
690STAB Writing EthnographyThuKrause
699   MA Thesis Credits                      
700/800 Level   
899  Dissertation Credits  

* 600, 700, and 800 Level Independent studies and Research offered, please contact individual faculty.


RAP (Residential Academic Programs)

Residential Academic Programs (RAP) provide UMass Amherst students with the opportunity to participate in a variety of rewarding academic and social experiences.

Fall 2023 (Tentative) 
Anthro 100  Human Nature   (Gen.Ed.  SB DG)  4 Credits
Day/Time: TBD  
Instructor:  Sofiya Shreyer

Anthro 104  Culture Society and People   (Gen.Ed.  SB DG)  4 Credits
Day/Time: TBD  
Instructor: Meredith Degyansky

Anthro 150  Ancient Civilizations  (Gen.Ed.  HS DU)  4 Credits
Day/Time: TBD  
Instructor: Kay Mattena

CHC/Honors Courses

Commonwealth Honors Program (CHC

Fall 2023
Anthro 150H Ancient civilizations  (Gen. Ed.  HS DG)  4 credits
Day/time: TuTh 2:30-3:45
Instructor: Johanna Pacyga

499C: Senior Capstone: Conquest By Law Part 1
(enrollment by Instructor permission)
TuTh 10:00-11:15
Instructor: Kathleen Brown-Perez

UWW/CPE On-Line Courses

A variety of on-line courses in Anthropology are offered through the University Without Walls (UWW) program during Fall, Winter Intersession, Spring, and Summer.

Fall 2023:

Anthro 100  Human Nature4 crSB DG
Anthro 103  Human Origins & Variation4 crBS
Anthro 104  Culture Society & People4 crSB DG
Anthro 150  Ancient Civilizations4 crHS DG
Anthro 258 Food and Culture4 crSB DG
Anthro 312 Medical Anthropology4 cr 
Anthro 330 Anthropology of Childhood4 crSB DG