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2022 Graduate Student Awards

Vanesa Girald with Jackie Urla The Oriol Pi-Sunyer Dissertation Award Vanesa Giraldo Gartner being presented the Oriol Pi-Sunyer Dissertation Award by Professor Jacqueline Urla

Graduate Student Awards:

The following students have received the Summer 2022 Pre-Dissertation Summer Research Awards:

  • Cagla Ay $3000
  • Eunice Caetano E Silva $3000
  • Tabitha Dorshorst $3000
  • Rodrigo Lazo-Landivar $3000

The following students have received Graduate School Pre-dissertation Research Grants:

  • Catherine Kitrinos $1000
  • Eunice Caetano E Silva $898
  • Cagla Ay $800
  • Rodrigo Lazo $760

The following student has received a Graduate School Field Work Grant:

  • Tabitha Dorshorst $5000

We are excited to announce the following students who received awards, fellowships, and grants.

Armelagos-Swedlund Graduate Awards:
Catherine Kitrinos - Graduate Research Award $1000
Peteneinuo Rulu - Graduate Dissertation Writing Award $12,000

Anthropology Department Dissertation Writing Award:
Claudia Morales $12,000

Sylvia Forman Scholarship Award:
Brie Adams Shaw $12,000

Nat Smith Community Service Award:
Terrell James $200
Julie Woods $200

Nathalie F.S. Woodbury Distinguished Service Award:
Derek Doughty $200

Oriol Pi-Sunyer Dissertation Award:
Vanesa Giraldo Gartner $500
Ana del Conde $500

Johnnetta Betsch Cole Award for Engaged Public Scholarship:
Castriela Hernandez $500
Cecilia Vasquez $500

"Worlding" Anthropology Award:
Vanesa Giraldo Gartner, Ying Li, Vanessa Miranda Juarez, Ana del Conde, Claudia Morales

Ph.D. and Masters Degree Recipients for 2021-2022:

Ph.D.'s Completed:

Dr. Cecilia Vasquez
Title: The Boundaries of Safety: The Sanctuary Movement in the Inland Empire
Advisor: Dr. Sonya Atalay

Dr. Andrew Best
Title: Diversity and Evolution of Human Eccrine Sweat Gland Density
Advisor: Dr. Jason Kamilar

Dr. Danielle Raad
Title: Above the Oxbow: The Construction of Place on Mount Holyoke
Advisor: Dr. Whitney Battle-Baptiste

Dr. Dana Conzo
Title: Reclaiming the Future Through Small-Scale Agriculture: Autonomy and Sustainability in the Caribbean
Advisor: Dr. Krista Harper

Dr. Virginia McLaurin
Title: Digital Indigeneity: Digital Media's Uses for Identity Formation, Education, and Activism by Indigenous People in the Northeastern United States
Advisor: Dr. Jean Forward

Dr. Ahmad Mohammadpour
Title: Blood for Bread: Kurdish Kolbers, State Violence, and Another Call for a Militant Anthropology
Advisor: Dr. Jacqueline Urla

Dr. Erica Kowsz
Title: Rules of Recognition: Indigenous Encounters with Society and the State
Advisor: Dr. Sonya Atalay

Dr. Vanessa Miranda Juarez
Title: Nahuatl Discourses and Political Speeches as Ways to Negotiate the Racial Monolingual Ideology of the Mexican State in Hidalgo, Mexico
Co-Advisors: Dr. Emiliana Cruz and Dr. Jacqueline Urla

Dr. Vanesa Giraldo Gartner
Title: Beyond Revolutionaries, Victims, and Heroic Mothers. Reproductive Politics in War and Peace in Colombia
Advisor: Dr. Thomas Leatherman

Dr. Derek Doughty
Title: Ball or Die: Better Understanding Black Male Student-Athlete Decision Making at an HWCU
Advisor: Dr. Krista Harper

Dr. Evan Taylor
Title: Making the Old City: Life Projects and State Heritage in Rhodes and Acre
Advisor: Dr. Elizabeth Chilton

Dr. Ana Del Conde
Title: Violence and Indigenous Women in Mexico: Towards an Unsettled Feminist Ethnography of (in)Security
Co-Advisors: Dr. Emiliana Cruz and Dr. Jacqueline Urla

MA’s Completed:

Catherine Kitrinos - Thesis
Title: Factors Influencing Primate Hair Microbiome Diversity
Advisor: Dr. Jason Kamilar

Kay Mattena -General Exam
Advisor: Dr. Sonya Atalay

Faisal Areeg -General Exam
Advisor: Dr. Felicity Aulino

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