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The Department of Anthropology has a variety of programs, research opportunities, scholarships and fellowships that benefit our students, academically, experientially, and throughout their careers. Your help can make a huge difference! Contributions of any size may be made to the Department's Gift fund or to support a specific program. Here is an overview of some of our fantastic initiatives.

- The Department of Anthropology Gift Fund: Donations help our majors study abroad and create opportunities for hands-on experience with research and fieldwork here and around the world.

- The Samya Rose Stumo Memorial Fund: The scholarship is targeted to support undergraduate and graduate students who are committed to promoting people-centered global health practice around the world, and including the US. 

- The Sylvia Forman Graduate Fellowship fund, a legacy of the late Dr. Forman, dedicated professor and chair of the Department, supports foreign and Native American graduate students in anthropology, enlivening and enriching the Department's diversity, cultural life, and educational mission.

- The European Field studies fund is a drive to build an endowment to support student research in Europe, a unique trademark of the Department since 1969, and part of our outstanding national reputation in the Anthropology of Europe. Your gift will allow us to create a new named scholarship for students to carry out fieldwork in Europe.

- The Armelagos-Swedlund Graduate Research Award, established and named after the late George Armelagos and Professor emeritus Alan Swedlund, is given on an annual basis to an outstanding student  in the field of medical, bio-cultural anthropology or bio-archaeology.

- The Certificate in Native American and Indigenous Studies (CPNAIS) program coordinates courses from many Departments to provide students with wide-ranging perspectives on the history and cultures of indigenous peoples in the Americas, and the opportunity to learn directly from indigenous elders and scholars.

- The University Alliance for Community Transformation (UACT) program is dedicated to building the capacity for diverse, community-based social justice work, and donations help to support the program's core, a five-credit advanced Anthropology course which takes place each Spring Semester and involves fieldwork during Spring Break.

To make a gift to the department online, click the "make a gift" link above.  You may also contact us by phone for alternate methods at 413-545-2221 and to ensure you donation goes to any specific fund you choose.  Thank you for your support!

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