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Current Graduate Students

A list of current graduate students, including contact information and research interests, can be found here

A-F Graduate Students
Brie Adams
Research: Native Hawaiian identity formation and social media
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Çagla Ay
Caren Bendror
Research: My primary research foci are bioarchaeology, paleopathology, mortuary archaeology, forensics, Indigenous archaeology, NAGPRA & Repatriation, community-based archaeology, population histories, biological distance, migration, and social organization. Read More 
Victoria BochniakVictoria Bochniak
Research: Indigenous archaeology, ethnography, historical archaeology and outreach, ethnography of archaeology, the examination of transitional sites for North American tribes during the early reservation period.
Christa Burdick
Research: Research examines place branding strategies employed to make place "attractive" in EAstern France, language ideologies, materialities and conceptions of space and place under late-capitalism
Eunice Caetano e SilvaEunice Caetano e Silva
Research: I am interested in the Anthropology of housing, materiality in the domestic sphere and particularly curious about the social dynamics of communal living.
Lucila Carballo
Dana Conzo
Kathleen Crotty
Research: Childhood, families, child-rearing, immigration, and the tensions and challenges that arise when immigrant parents receive culturally uninformed advice from authority institutions
Sharonee Dasgupta
Research:  Current research interests in topics such as state-citizen relations, resource allotment, community-based mobilizations, ethnographic research. migration, food studies, civil society organizations, gender, and activism. Read More
Randy Daum
Meredith Degyansky
Research: capitalist ruins, ontological politics, land, relational worlds. Read More
Ana del CondeAna del Conde
Research: Political anthropology, feminist theory, (in)security, collective action, and social justice. Multiple forms of insecurity that indigenous women experience in Mexico.
Caroline Devane
Key Words: medical anthropology, visual anthropology, anthropology of Europe, US and Italy/Sardinia, ethnography of genetic syndromes, heritable genetic disorders, disability studies, ableism, race and culture, intersubjectivity, anthro of families, and childhood. Read More

Derek Doughty
Research: Political Economy of American Collegiate Athletics, Critical Race Theory, Men and Masculinity Studies, Higher Education Assessment.

 Seth Dornisch
Research: anthropology of aging, medical anthropology, anthropology of death and dying, anthropology of religion. Perceptions and metrics of well-being across the lifespan; variables influencing choice of space/place at end-of-life; physical, cognitive, and social functions as they relate to determinations of quality of life and capacity to choose; processes of surrogate medical decision-making, particularly in progressive neurodegenerative diseases; hospice and end-of-life care. 
Tabitha DorshorstTabitha Dorshorst
Areeg Faisal
Research: gender-based violence against Palestinian women, and how the intersection between patriarchy & settler colonialism fuel its ongoing system of oppression.
Eleanor FinleyEleanor Finley
Research: Social movements, political ecology, energy, science and technology, climate justice and degrowth, Spain.
Amanda FuchsAmanda Fuchs
Research: Biological Anthropology, Ecology & Evolution, Biogeography, Movement Ecology, Microbiomes, Baboons, Africa. Read More


G-M Graduate Students
Vanesa GiraldoVanesa Giraldo
Claire GoldClaire Gold
Research: Biological anthropology, Forensic Anthropology & Archaeology Education K-12 Outreach.
Justin HelepololeiJustin Helepololei
Research: Justin's ethnographic research and activism engage with how formerly incarcerated individuals become involved in prison reform, prison advocacy, and abolitionist organizing in New England.
Castriela Hernandez-Reyes
Research: Her multi-sited ethnographic research explores how race, gender, body, class, and racism intersect and are co-constructed through Black women's, officials, and former combatants' voices and lived experiences in the framework of the Colombian armed conflict and transitional justice system.
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Jonathan G. Hill
Brittni Howard
Terrell JamesTerrell James
Research: Black Radical Tradition(s) and Thought, Antiblackness, Community-Engaged Research and Practice, and Critical Youth Studies. Read More
E. Joohyeon Han-Johnson
Research: cultural and linguistic anthropology; Critical Race & Intersectional Theory; race meta-discourse in the U.S.; arts-based research methods and translation; white fragility
 Urgyen Joshi
Research: Community-Engaged Pedagogy, Theater for Social Transformation  Read More
Catherine Kitrinos
Research: Human and nonhuman primate ecology and evolution, host-microbe interactions, primate nutrition, metabolism, and immunity, microbial transmission, and primate genetic variation. Read More
Erica KowszErica Kowsz
Research: Kowsz's current research brings together semiotic approaches to social difference, political and legal anthropology, and critical indigenous studies.
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Rodrigo LazoRodrigo Lazo
Research: Health and inequalities, biocultural medical anthropology, environmental degradation, and human health, political ecology of resource extraction and toxic exposure, oil drilling and small scale gold mining, interculturally and indigenous peoples Amazonia Peru.
Ying Li
Research: Chinese minority, Heritage Museum, Tourism, Chinese Migrants.
Sarah Mathena-Allen
Kay "Kakendasot" MattenaKay "Kakendasot" Mattena
Research: Indigenous archaeology, experimental archaeology, perishable artifact, community, and arts-based research and public archaeology.
Alana Mazur Zanardo
Virginia McLaurinVirginia McLaurin
Research: Virginia McLaurin is a cultural anthropologist who specializes in indigenous stereotypical indigenous imagery.
Vanessa Miranda JuarezVanessa Miranda Juarez
Research: Research interest is Ethnography of Communication and Speaking the Verbal Art, the discourse analysis, the Linguistic Ideologies. the Linguistic Resistance and the Nahuatl Language.
Ahmad Mohammadpour
Priscilla Mollard
Claudia MoralesClaudia Morales
Research: Medical Anthropology, Embodiment and Language, Migration, Investigates the experiences and political agencies of migrants with amputations; La Bestia emergence and life in the U.S.


N-Z Graduate Students
Gabriela QuijanoGabriela Quijano
Research: My research encompasses current economic responses to capitalism. Other related topics: political economy, feminist theory, critical epistemologies, resistance, Italy, Latin-America.
Teniel Rhiney
Peteneinuo RuluPeteneinuo Rulu
Research: Women's reproductive health, Evolutionary perspectives of aging among primates, culture-specific determinants of women's health at mid-life, perceptions of menopause symptoms.
Ryan RybkaRyan Rybka


 Roman Sanchez
 Research: Design Anthropology, Arts-Based Research, Decolonial aAnthropology, Anthropology of Climate Change, Ethnic Studies, Anthropology of Education
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Sofiya ShreyerSofiya Shreyer
Ana Smith-Aguilar
Research: Relational ethnography of the state, focusing on the agrarian bureaucracy in Mexico and the contradictions inside the agrarian jurisdiction regarding the protection of indigenous territories.

Cary SpeckCary Speck
Research: Postsocialist Anthropology; Czech/the/Republic; Foodways; Environmental anthropology; Gender Studies; Violence Studies

Evan TaylorEvan Taylor
Research: Critical heritage studies; Archaeological ethnography; Contemporary and historical archaeology
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Volha Verbilovich
Research: related fields include social theory, disability, aging, communication studies, and qualitative research.
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Anna Weyher
Research: Primate Conservation
Thomas C Wilson, III
Research: I received my bachelor's in biology from North Caroline State University in 2012 and I received my master's from East Caroline University in 2019. My research encompasses socioecological traits and genetics of New World monkeys. Other related topics: Primate genomics, primate behavior, and variation in primate coloration.
Julie Woods
Andrew ZamoraAndrew Zamora
Research: Comparative genomics and social evolution of primates, specializing in sifakas (Propithecus). Phylogenetics, multi-level selection and evolutionary theory, conservation, cultural evolution, Malagasy primate.
Adam ZimmerAdam Zimmer
Research: I study processes of cadaver acquisitions and the human remains left after dissections in the U.S. and Iceland during the early years of modern medicine. Read More