The University of Massachusetts Amherst


 Lynnette Arnold Lynnette Arnold
 Assistant Professor
 Machmer 203   |  545-2658

 Interest/Specialty: language and transnational migration; language, power and social justice, global health, digital communication and media, language & racism, gender & sexuality; embodied communication. el Salvador, Central American & U.S.  

 Felicity Aulino Felicity Aulino
 Assistant 5 College Professor
 Machmer 204  |  545-0935

 Interest/Specialty: Medical anthropology, global health, critical phenomenology, Buddhism, psychological anthropology, care and caregiver subjectivity, ethnographic film, humanitarian interventions, participatory action research. Thailand

 Sonya Atalay Sonya Atalay 
 Associate Professor
 Machmer W20  | 545-2652
 Atalay Research

 Interest/Specialty: Community-based research, indigenous archaeology, activist scholarship, and public anthropology, research ethics, NAGPRA, protecting intellectual property issues. Turkey, Great Lakes/Native North America

Whitney Battle-Baptise Whitney Battle-Baptise
 Director, W.E.B. Du Bois Center
 Machmer 211  |  545-0932
 Battle-Baptiste Website

Interest/Specialty: African diaspora theory, Black Feminist theory, African American expressive and material culture, historical archaeology, African diaspora archaeology, critical heritage studies, cultural landscapes. North America & Caribbean

Nick Caverly Nicholas Caverly
 Assistant Professor
 Machmer 214

 Interest/Specialty: Structural inequalities, especially racism and political-economic stratification; bodies, materials, and environments; urban development; science and technology studies, labor, waste, and disasters; ethnographies, geographies, and histories. North America.

 Todd Disotell Todd Disotell
 Machmer 209  

 Interest/Specialty: Primate evolution, molecular evolution, analytical techniques of phylogenetic systematics, history of biological anthropology, human variation.    

 Achsah Dorsey
 Assistant Professor
 Machmer 104  

 Interest/Specialty: Human biology, global health, child growth and development, nutrition, immune function, evolutionary medicine, disease ecology, life-history theory, bicultural perspectives on health and human development. South America, and Sub-Saharan Africa   

 Krista Harper Krista Harper
 Undergraduate Program Director
 Machmer 210  | 577-0661
 Harper Research

Interest/Specialty: Cultural Anthropology and ethnographic and participatory visual and digital research methods, applied anthropology and public policy, and urban mobilizations around the environment, food justice, and placemaking. Eastern Europe (Hungary), Western Europe (Portugal), U.S.

 Julie Hemment Julie Hemment
 Machmer 206  | 577-1104

 Interest/Specialty: Gender, youth, and post-socialism, NGOs and global civil society, social welfare and citizenship, and feminist, participatory, and collaborative methodologies. Russia    

 Brigitte Holt Brigitte Holt
 Machmer 103  | 545-0697
 Holt Research

 Interest/Specialty: Human evolution, bicultural evolution of the genus Homo, functional morphology and biomechanics of the appendicular skeleton, paleoecology. Europe   

 Amanda Walker Johnson Amanda Walker Johnson
 Associate Professor
 Machmer 207B  | 577-0933

 Interest/Specialty: Critical race theory, anthropology of science, critical education theory, high stakes testing in public schools.  North America

 Eric Johnson Eric Johnson
 Machmer E11  | 545-0916

 Interest/Specialty: Archaeology and Archaeological Project/Contract Management, Eastern North America, cultural resource management, ethnohistory, Native American history and culture, technology, historical archaeology. Eastern North America   

 Jason Kamilar Jason Kamilar
 Associate Professor
 Graduate Program Director
 Machmer 102 | 545-7397
 Lab: Machmer W16- 545-3802
 Kamilar Research

Interest/Specialty: Primatology, evolutionary ecology, life history evolution, hair evolution, biogeography, community ecology, phylogeny, quantitative methods. Africa, Madagascar

 Elizabeth Krause Elizabeth Krause
 Director, European Field Study
 Machmer 205  | 577-1205
 Krause Research

 Interest/Specialty: Sociocultural anthropology, reproductive politics, medical anthropology, economic anthropology, social memory, and historical anthropology, ethnography, immigration, globalization, digital storytelling. Italy & North America

 Thomas Leatherman Thomas Leatherman
 Machmer E26  | 577-0775

 Interest/Specialty: Biocultural anthropology, political ecology, health and nutrition, medical anthropology, human adaptability. Peru, Mexico

Lynnette Leidy SievertLynnette Leidy Sievert
Machmer 105  | 545-1379

Interest/Specialty: Biological anthropology, reproductive ecology, human variation, menopause, women's health. U.S., Mexico, Bangladesh

 Ventura Perez Ventura Perez
 Associate Professor
 Honors Coordinator
 Machmer W10  | 577-0662
 Lab: Machmer W12
 Interest/Specialty: Interpersonal and institutionalized violence, paleopathology, etiology of diseases affecting the skeleton, NAGPRA compliance, forensics. American Southwest, Mexico
Jennifer Sandler Jennifer Sandler
 Sr. Lecturer
 Machmer 305  | 577-0789

 Interest/Specialty: Participatory ethnography, activist communities and organizations, social-change in U.S. and Mexico, private money in U.S. public education, ethnography of knowledge practices of social change movements and coalitions, critical pedagogy, relational organizing, neoliberalism. U.S., Mexico  

 Boone Shear Boone Shear
 Sr. Lecturer,
 Chief Undergraduate Advisor
 Machmer 207A  | 577-0906

 Interest/Specialty: Critical investigations of capitalism, economic subjectivity, neoliberal development, post-capitalism and ontological politics, activism and community engagement, political ecology, and public anthropology, higher education, engaged research, and pedagogy. 

 Haeden Stewart Haeden Stewart
 Assistant Professor
 Machmer 202  

 Interest/Specialty: Historical archaeology, political ecology, settler colonialism, human/environment interactions, material cultures, industrial archaeology, GIS. Western North America 

 Jacqueline Urla Jacqueline Urla
 Department Chair
 Machmer 208  | 545-2869
 Urla Research

 Interest/Specialty: Cultural activism, minority language politics, nationalism, linguistic ideology, governmentality, visual anthropology. Spain