Evolutionary Anthropology

Courses in this concentration examine how evolutionary processes have shaped both human and non-human primate species. Students focusing on biological anthropology will gain expertise across a range of areas, including Primatology, Bioarchaeology, Human Evolution, and Modern Human Variation.

Relevant Courses Include

100 Level Courses

102 Archaeology & Prehistory or 150 Ancient Civilization

103 Human Origins & Variation

104 Culture, Society & People


200 Level Courses

208 Human Ecology

271 Human Evolution

281 Research Methods in Anthropology

297 Culture, Health & Science

297M Disease, Famine & Warfare

297NF Neanderthals: Fact and Fiction


300 Level Courses 

312 Medical Anthropology

313 Nutritional Anthropology

317 Primate Behavior

320 Research Techniques in Physical Anthropology

372 Human Variation

394EI Evolutionary Medicine

397 Primate Conservation

397AP Approaching Death: Culture, Medicine, Experience

397 Neanderthals: Fact or Fiction

397BP Biology of Poverty

397DD Bioarcheology of Violence

397GB Global Health: Biosocial Perspectives

397U Anthropology of Growth & Development


400 Level Courses

416 Primate Evolution

494BI Global Bodies

496C Advances in Bioarchaeology

494RI Religion, Evolution and Human Biology

597 Reproductive Ecology