Department Colloquium Series


Spring 2019 Events:

Apr. 18: European Distinguished Lecture: Kristin Ghodsee, Professor, University of Pennsylvania
               4:00pm Machmer E24
               Title: "Sex and Superpower Rivalry: Global Women's Activism During the cold War, 1968-1990"

May 1: 701 Lecture: Victor Corona
               12:30-2:00pm Machmer E24
                Title: TBA

Graduate Student Defenses and Presentations:

Mar. 20: Phd Dissertation Defense: Rebecca Bartusewich
               11:00am-1:30pm Machmer E24
               Title: Production and Power at Idalion, cyprus in the First Millennium BCE  

Apr. 1:  PhD Dissertation Defense: Marc Lorenc
              4:00pm-6:30pm Machmer E17
              Title: Recollections: Memory, Materiality, and Meritocracy at the Dr. James Still Historic Office and Homestead
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