Department Colloquium Series


Fall 2018 Events:

Wed. Oct. 24 - 701: 2018 Summer Research Presentations
12:30-2pm Machmer E24

Wed. Oct. 24 - Book Launch _Elizabeth Krause
Title: Tight Knit: Global Families & the Social Life of Fast Fashion
5:30pm Amherst Books, Amherst, MA

Mon. Oct. 29 - Armelagos-Swedlund Annual Lecture
Speaker: Charles Briggs, UC Berkeley
Title: "Can the Rabies Virus Speak? Bridging Linguistic and Medical Perspectives in Investigating a Mysterious Epidemic"
5:00 PM in the CHC Events Room

Fri. Nov. 9 - 701: European Field Study Lecturer: Massimo Bressan
Title: "Neighborhood Plots": Reflections on Transnational Collaboration
3:00 PM in Machmer E24
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