Culture, History, and Power: Europe and the Mediterranean

Courses in this concentration will teach you about the cultural dynamics and political economic systems of the peoples of Europe and the Mediterranean region. Courses will allow you to explore the tremendous diversity of Europe and the Mediterranean from the era of early state-building, empire and trade networks revealed by archaeologists to more contemporary ethnographic work on the wave of current social movements, economic transformations, language diversity, and social activism across Europe today.

Students choosing this pathway through the major may also want to consider the Modern European Studies Minor.


Relevant Courses Include

100 Level Courses

102 Archaeology & Prehistory OR 150 Ancient Civilization

104 Culture, Society & People OR 106 Culture through Film

105 Language, Culture & Communication


200 Level Courses

205 Inequality & Oppression

297LR Language and Racism


300 Level Courses

344 Italy: Fascism to Fashion

360 Language, Culture & Society

394AI Europe after the Wall

397FF Archaeology of Egypt & Nubia

397LM Language Migration and Mobility

397 Gender, Race, & the Body

397G The Mediterranean in the Bronze Age

397VS War & Historical Memory in Spain


400 Level Courses

494BI Global Bodies

497PN Language, Nationalism & Postnationalism