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Dec. 16

A research article stating that the "ancient past" matters as much as present climate and human impacts in explaining global biodiversity patterns by John Rowan Post-doc in OEB along with Jason Kamilar, Associate Professor and Andrew Zamora, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Anthropology along with Lydia Beaudrot, Rice University; Janet Franklin UC-Riverside; Kaye Reed, ASU; Irene Smail, a doctoral candidate at ASU.

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Nov. 19

Professor Jacqueline Urla's article "Governmentality and Language" was recently published in the Annual Review of Anthropology Vol. 48. (2019)

Sept. 16

Professor Jason Kamilar and Ph.D. Candidate Anna Weyher were recently published in the Journal of Human Evolution
Title: Sexual Selection in the Kinda baboon

Sept. 13

Professor Elizabeth Krause (Anthropology) and Aline Gubrium (Health Promotion and Policy) recent article is published in Medical Anthropology Quarterly
"Scribble Scrabble": Migration, Young Parenting Latinas, and Digital Storytelling as Narrative Shock

Sept. 6

Announcing the publication of a Special Issue of Historical Archaeology from the Society of Historical Archaeology's August 9, 2019 blog (drafted by Quentin Lewis and edited by Linda Ziegenbein and Bob Paynter.  Please see attached for more info on pubs by faculty and alum authors.