Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

In this concentration, students learn to examine and interpret the range of human experience through material culture while also exploring ways to protect and care for archaeology sites, cultural landscapes, and both tangible and intangible heritage. Attention is given to community-based approaches with an emphasis on archaeology’s potential for contributing to social justice. Along with practical field work experience – whether locally in Massachusetts or internationally in places such as Israel, Turkey, Peru, or the Caribbean — students can explore diverse and engaging topics like GIS (geographic-information system) and community-mapping; public archaeology through comics & community theater; heritage tourism; and material remnants of societal violence and the intersection of race, class and gender.

Relevant Courses Include 

100 Level Courses

102 Archaeology & Prehistory OR 150 Ancient Civilization

104 Culture, Society and People


200 Level Courses

220 Intro to Native American Studies

269 Intro: North American Archaeology

281 Research Methods Anthropology

297PP Anthropology of Slavery

297/397 Archaeology and Social Complexity

297M Disease, Famine, & Warfare

297N Violence & Conflict in Pre-Hispanic Americas


300 Level Courses

325 Analysis of Material Culture

353 Archaeology of Israel & Palestine

367 Archaeological Survey Methods and Practices

375 South American Archaeology

396C Archaeological Lab Research

397CC Historical Archaeology

397DD Bioarchaeology of Violence

397FF Archaeology of Egypt & Nubia

397G The Mediterranean in the Bronze Age

397JA Archaeology of Social Complexity

397TT Race & the American Museum

398 Archaeological Lab Internship (doing)


400 Level Courses

496C Advances in Bioarchaeology

494AD Archaeology of the African Diaspora

497DG Indigenous Archaeology

497/697 Critical Indigenous Theory & Method

497K Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (IE pending approval)