Archaeological Services

Archaeological Services offers a variety of internship opportunities to Anthropology majors.  You can participate in research alongside professional archaeologists in the field, in the laboratory, and in the office.  Learn practical research skills and gain real-world experience in excavating and recording in the field, processing and analyzing artifacts in the laboratory, preparing research reports, and communicating the results of archaeological research to other professionals and the public.

Past internship projects from Anthro 396C have included:

  • Participating in archaeological fieldwork and creating a poster and public presentation from the experience
  • Creating study collections of different varieties of artifacts
  • Learning and using analytical methods for studying Native American lithic (stone) and ceramic artifacts
  • Conducting microscopic studies of stone-tool wear patterns
  • Creating materials for public outreach—communicating the results of archaeological research to the public through printed materials, images, and exhibits

Archaeological Services has been in the business of client-based “contract archaeology” or “cultural resource management” since the 1980s. We are committed to client satisfaction, ethical practice, excellence in our work, and education. We have done archaeology all over Massachusetts and in other northeastern states.  We have excavated at the sites of farmsteads, factories, and ancient Native American settlements, in towns, cities, and forests; even underwater. We offer a wide selection of projects to fit students with varied interests, skills, and educational goals. Internships earn one to three credits, depending on the nature of the project.  To inquire about an internship opportunity, please contact the Director, Eric Johnson.