Anthropology Minor

The minor enables students to gain preparation and grounding in some particular facet of discipline, without fulfilling the full range of requirements of the major. The minor is a focused course of study. It may focus on one of the four subfields, the cultural past and present in a specific region of the world or a topical specialty that cross-cuts the sub-fields. There are no prerequisites for the minor, but there are some important steps you should know about becoming a minor in Anthropology.

Minor Requirements:

  • Must take at least 5 courses, (that total a minimum of 15 credits) in Anthropology:
    • 1 (3-4 credit) course must be at or below 200 level.
    • 4 courses (12 credits) must be 200 level or above.
  • No course for the minor may be taken pass/fail
  • With approval of the Director of Undergraduate Study, not more than 1 course may be transferred into the minor from another college of university.
  • With approval from the students Anthropology Advisor, 1 (one) independent study or practicum 3 credit course, may be counted toward the minor.
  • The minor program must have a sub-field or topical area or culture, focus that is approved by an advisor
  • Deadline to declare an Anthropology Minor is the LAST day of classes for the Semester in which you are graduating.