2019 Gardening The Community Internship


Gardening The Community Internship
Gardening The Community (GTC) is a food justice organization in Springfield, MA,  engaged in youth development, urban agriculture and sustainable living to build healthy and equitable communities. 
This internship will seek out our former youth that have been involved with GTC since the beginning of the organization, in order to find out what happened to them and what they have been up after they left GTC. The internship will involve collecting names/contact of former youth, creating a evaluation/questionnaire about their current situation and the impact GTC had on them, helping to evaluate the data, and possibly supporting the creation of any outputs. 
In addition, the internship will also involve volunteering with GTC farms in Springfield once a week in order to support and better understand GTC's work--activities might include planting, preparing garden beds, transporting food and equipment, and so on. 
Internship supervisor will be GTC director Ibrahim Ali. 
This is a 20-30 hour a week internship. 
Duration is negotiable but should be between 6-12 weeks.