Peoplesoft Finance

The PeopleSoft Finance System is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system which integrates data and processes of the institution into one unified electronic system.  The University implemented the financial modules to support our business functions and improve their efficiencies.  The Amherst Campus utilizes PeopleSoft Finance to support general ledger, budgeting, accounts payable, asset, grant, post-award and purchasing functions (for more information on purchasing, please see Buyways).  PeopleSoft gives users a variety of mechanisms to access financial data from their desktop. 


General Ledger and Budget Reporting

Why don’t I see any encumbrances when I run a report for a Fiscal Year and Accounting Period prior to January of FY2007?

Historical encumbrances were not brought forward in the upgrade. All encumbrances that currently exist on the system (HR and PO) were reestablished in version 8.9. If you wish to see historical encumbrance balances you can access the monthly reports that were run in version 7.5.

What is “Associated Revenue?”

Associated Revenue is the version 8.9 equivalent of the “Revenue Driven” budgets in 7.5. When revenue is recorded for revenue driven funds in 8.9, it increases the spending authority for that Fund/Department but does not increase the budget amount. The Associated Revenue is the amount that the spending authority has been increased by the revenue.

I get a warning when I budget check. What does this mean?

This means you are over budget on a non-controlled budget. The transaction will still have a valid budget status but you may want to check on your budget.