All SAQ forms can be found below.  Each merchant must fill out one form per SAQ type they have as a merchant.  For instance if you have an online solution and a P2PE you must fill out two SAQ forms.   If you do not know which SAQ to use, please contact Patty Roper at

All SAQ forms are due by April 22 in Spring 2024 and can be submitted via email to by the person who is listed in section 3 as the responsible person for the SAQ. 


***IMPORTANT*** if you have decided to no longer accept credit cards, please email Patty Roper by March 18.  If you have already informed us and you have a terminal, the terminal must be returned to Patty at 150 Whitmore by March 18, 2022.  Please email ahead to make sure someone will be available to accept and lock up the terminal. ******


For questions, further information and to get authorization to accept credit cards, email or contact one of the staff listed to the right.  Check Resources list below for additional information.

  • You must use one of the University’s payment gateways:  Cybersource,, PayPal and these gateways must use a merchant id from a University processor: WorldPay or PayPal.  If you have a gateway that is not listed but can use one of our processors, please reach out to the Ecommerce manager before committing to its use. 
  • If you would like a stand alone terminal to process in person credit card payments, there are both wired (analog phone line) and wireless options.  
  • Additional information may be found at 


If you suspect a breach of card data and/or any unauthorized access to card data or systems involved in processing card data (including physical tampering), a virus or other sign of compromise on a system involved in processing card, any social engineering attempts that could affect card processing and/or data, or lost or stolen devices related to card processing