Application Security & Access

Admininistrative Systems administers the security for the Human Resources, Finance, BuyWays, Summit and UM Plan applicatons as well as the BuyWays workflow.  In order to access any of these systems, you must have a record in the Human Resource system and have enrolled in multifactor authentication.

Users who request Finance access are automatically granted access to Summit.  Principle Investigators who would like access to Summit for their grants should email if access to additional department ids is needed, a finance request form is required.

Please note that we accept the finance access request forms for new users or requests for addtional access for existing users via email as long as the email is sent by the Department Head or Signature Delegatee of the Department Head.   BuyWays workflow delegation forms are accepted via email as long as the email is sent by the manager associated with the department id. 

PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY FORMS DIRECTLY FROM DOCUSIGN as the attachment does not come through and the text does not give enough information to know to who is submitting the form.  Once a form is done in Docusign, download and send in the signed pdf to  

Human Resource access forms must be sent with original signatures to Human Resources.

REQUESTING ACCESS FOR ONE CARD user and approver in BuyWays.  

To request access please follow the normal access request process.  If you do not have exising access in Finance, Summit or BuyWays, you must submit a finance access request form.  If you do already have access, an email to from your department head or their designee is all that is required.

A&F Sharepoint Access

For access to A&F Sharepoint sites including SpaceShare (floorplans and reports), Physical Plant Operations dashboard, and the Building Coordinator Portal, please fill out the online A&F Sharepoint Access Request.

Tririga Access

For access to Tririga, please fill out the online Tririga Access Request.