AFIT Technology Assistance Center

Welcome to AFIT Technology Assistance Center. We provide a variety of support for technical and security issues or concerns throughout the UMASS Amherst campus. We work with users on tasks such as setting up accounts, managing data, provide security and protection for all forms of information, as well as solving hardware and software issues.

If you need support, please review the supplied guides and information to solve many common issues. If the problem persists contact us through our email, phone, or visit us at our main office.

Support Process

Contacting us...

Form (recommended): Report a Problem Link


Phone: (413) 545-1956

On campus extension: 5-1956

Office: 115 Whitmore Administration Building

Office Hours: 8:00 to 5:00pm.

To ensure your issues are both addressed in a timely manner and prioritized on severity, our team uses a ticket tracking system to manage all request that come into our office.

When you contact us by...

  • Phone: Our technicians will create a ticket for you based on your request. Please provide your full name, user name, email, and phone number for contact to allow for proper handling of the request. If the issue is resolved in the session you may not be notified about the ticket created.
  • Email: Our system will automatically create a ticket for you, and you will be notified of the work order number. You will also receive emails or phone calls from the technicians depending on both the severity and provided information for contact.
  • In Person: We will address the issue on site, and create a ticket summary for record keeping. You may or may not receive a notification for the created ticket if the issue was resolved at the time of the visit.

Please see down below for more quick questions and answers about the ticket system.


The links menu above provides access to various information and guides to assist you in solving issues. Please review appropriate guides as available before contacting the technician staff. Thank you.