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Welcome to A&F Administrative Systems.  Our goal is to provide A&F staff with the systems, software, and training that's needed to do your jobs with excellence.  Please use the menu above to navigate our application and desktop support areas.  Should you need further assistance, please refer to the contact information to the right.  Our office will be happy to assist you.

Alerts & Notices

Desktop Upgrade to IE11 and Office 2013

On Administration and Finance, CCPH, CHP, and UMPD computers

1/12/2016  Internet Explorer will be upgraded to version 11.  Version 10 is end-of-life, so for security reasons we need to upgrade.   Please reboot your computers to install the upgrade.   IE11 is very similar to IE10 and will work with your current shortcuts and bookmarks.  If you would like more information you can read about it here:

Next week at the end of the day Wednesday (1/20/16)  Microsoft Office will upgrade to Office 2013.  You should reboot your computer when you leave on 1/20 instead of turning it off, and let the install run over night, then to do the clean-up you should reboot again before logging in 1/21.  Note, Microsoft Access will not be upgraded at this time due to compatibility issue.  If you want Access upgraded to 2013, please email

For online how-to and training in Office 2013 please visit:

Log in with your NetID and password and search for Office 2013.

For in person training please schedule a workshop at the Workplace Learning and Development website here:

If you have any problems please call the A&F Helpdesk at 545-1956 or email

Desktop Changes to Eduroam

As of 1/5/2015 there will be changes to Eduroam wireless where your username will need to be in the format  

More information is avalible here.  

Call 5-1956 or email if you need any assistance.  


Applications Logging into HR Direct

If you attempt to login to HR Direct for your paycheck and receive the error message "Invalid Credentials",  your password might be expired.  If this happens, please contact UMass Amherst Information Technology at 5-9400 or email  If you had set an alternative email, you can also use the "Forgot Your Password" link on the SPIRE login page.

Desktop ALERT: How to report fraud emails

Please be cautious of scams and possible phishing attempts. If you are unsure about an email, it's best not to click any links or open any attachments. Feel free to call or email us with questions. We will be able to help determine if it's a threat or not. If you are going to send an email to us about a specific email in question, please "Forward as an Attachment" (done by going using the "More" button next to the normal reply/forward section of outlook). This allows us to trace where the email came from and determine what systems are compromised.

Desktop Ad Blocking in Chrome and Internet Explorer with Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is being utlilized to reduce network traffic and exposure to compromising ads. It is currently being pushed out to Chrome and Internet Explorer.

A new icon will show in the upper right of the Chrome window, or the lower right area of the Internet Explorer window. It will apear as:


If you encounter problems on a website and belive it to be the Adblock Plus (ABP), you can disable ad blocking for websites with the following instructions:

Disabling ABP in Chrome:

  1. Click the ABP Icon in the toolbar area.
  2. Click on the line where it says "Enabled on this site". It should now change to "Disabled on this site".

Disabling ABP in Internet Explorer:

  1. Click the ABP Icon in the lower toolbar area.
  2. Click on the line where it says "Disable on {current site}". It should now change to be disabled for the current site.
Applications Redesigned Secure Access login page

The University Of Massachusetts President’s Office Information Technology Services (UITS) has redesigned the Secure Access Login page to be more mobile friendly and will implement it on Monday, October 26th.   This login page is used for Finance, HR Direct, Summit, BuyWays and eCert.  No action is required by you since your bookmarks/favorites should still work and there is no change to your login username and password.


Desktop Java no longer supported in Chrome

Please note Java is no longer supported in the Google Chrome web browser.  

If you are having a problem with Java please make sure you are working in Internet Explorer (IE).  Some examples of web based applications that use Java are: Summit, Tririga, MyMicros, ImageNow, SQBX.  

For more information see the link below.

If you have any questions please call AFIT at 413-545-1956