The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Cadet Selected for Summer 2015 Internship with the Secretary of the Air Force

Cadet Peter Loftus has been selected for a 2015 summer internship with the Secretary of the Air Force (International Affairs).

The mission of SAF/IA is to build partner capability and capacity throughout the air, space and cyberspace domains to promote effective joint and coalition air operational success. During internship with SAF/IA, in the Regional Directorate, Pacific Division, he will be asked to assist with the establishment, sustainment, and expansion of air force-to-air force relationships. You will find this work exciting and rewarding and will take away a tremendous amount of security cooperation knowledge and Air Force experience. Competition for this prestigious internship was exceptionally intense. The internship was offered by Arnold Air Society. To learn more about Arnold Air Society, please go to this link. Congratulations Cadet Loftus!


Phone: 413-545-2437