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Commander's Welcome

Welcome to Air Force ROTC Detachment 370 and your opportunity to start an adventure that can take you around the world.  College students enroll in our program as part of their college curriculum and upon graduation, they are commissioned as officers in the Air Force or Space Force as pilots, engineers, nurses, or as one of thirty other job specialties... Read the complete welcome message.

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Perspectives of an AS300

This is posting is a culmination of one AS300 student's experience as a third year Det 370 Air Force ROTC cadet. 

Field Training is a twenty-one-day event at Maxwell Air Force Base (AFB), Alabama that evaluates AFROTC cadet’s potential to become officers. Although is both physically and mentally challenging, you feel an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment upon receiving your “prop and wings” at graduation. I would say that most cadets, after finishing Field Training, are excited to begin a new year of Air Force ROTC.

Det 370 Cadets Awarded Scholarships during Fall/Spring 2020-21 Terms

It is Det 370 pleasure to announce our cadets who were awarded an AFROTC scholarship. The scholarship pays up to the equivalent of a public school's in-state rate and a book allowance.  That means that tuition and fees are covered for UMass Amherst students!  To learn more about AFROTC In-College Scholarship Program, please go to this link. Congratulations!

High School Scholarship (HSSP)

- Cadet Adler, Deshawn (Fall 2020)

- Cadet Suffish, Zachary (Fall 2020)

In-College Scholarship (ICSP)


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