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Ph.D. Alumni Publications


Shawn Alexander (Ph.D. 2004)

W.E.B. Du Bois: An American Intellectual and Activist
(Library of African-American Biography)

by Shawn Leigh Alexander

(Rowman & Littlefield, June 2015)

Reconstruction Violence and the Ku Klux Klan Hearings

Edited with an Introduction by Shawn Leigh Alexander

(Bedford/St. Martins Press, 2015)

The Aftermath of Slavery: A Study of the Condition and
Environment of the American Negro

Reprint of William Sinclair’s classic 1905 study 

(The University of South Carolina Press, 2012)

An Army of Lions: The Civil Rights Struggle Before the NAACP

by Shawn Leigh Alexander

(University of Pennsylvania Press, 2012)

T. Thomas Fortune, the Afro-American Agitator:
A Collection of Writings, 1880-1928

by Shawn Leigh Alexander

(University Press of Florida, 2008)

Kabria Baumgartner (Ph.D. 2011)

picture of book cover In Pursuit of Knowledge

In Pursuit of Knowledge: Black Women and and Educational Activism in Antebellum America (Early American Places)

by Kabria Baumgartner

(New York University Press, December 2019)

Stephanie Y. Evans (Ph.D. 2003)

Black Passports: Travel Memoirs as a Tool for Youth Empowerment

by Stephanie Y. Evans

(SUNY Press, June 2014)

Black Women in the Ivory Tower, 1850-1954: An Intellectual History

by Stephanie Y. Evans 

(University of Florida Press, 2007)

David Goldberg (Ph.D. 2006)

Black FireFighters and the FDNY: The Struggle for Jobs,
Justice, and Equity in New York City

by David Goldberg

(University of North Carolina Press, 2017)

Black Power at Work: Community Control, Affirmative Action,
and the Construction Industry

by David Goldberg and Trevor Griffey, eds.

(Cornell University Press, 2011)

Christopher P. Lehman (Ph.D. 2002)

Power, Politics, and the Decline of the Civil Rights
Movement: A Fragile Coalition, 1967-1973

by Christopher P. Lehman

(ABC-CLIO, June 2014)

Slavery in the Upper Mississippi Valley, 1787-1865:
A History of Human Bondage in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin

by Christopher P. Lehman


A Critical History of Soul Train on Television

by Christopher P. Lehman

(McFarland, 2008)

The Colored Cartoon: Black Representation in American
Animated Short Films, 1907-1954

by Christopher P. Lehman

(University of Massachusetts Press, 2007)

American Animated Cartoons of the Vietnam Era:
A Study of Social Commentary in Films and Television Programs, 1961-1973

by Christopher P. Lehman

(McFarland, 2006)

David Lucander (Ph.D. 2010)

Winning the War for Democracy: The March on
Washington Movement, 1941-1946

by David Lucander

(University of Illinois Press, September 2014)

For Jobs and Freedom: The Speeches and Writings of
A. Philip Randolph

by David Lucander (edited with Andrew E. Kersten)

(University of Massachusetts Press, January 2015)

Trimiko Melancon (Ph.D. 2005)

Unbought and Unbossed: Transgressive Black Women,
Sexuality, and Representation

by Trimiko Melancon

(Temple University Press, 2014)

Black Female Sexualities

by Trimiko Melancon and Joanne M. Braxton, eds.
Foreword by Melissa Harris-Perry

(Rutgers University Press, 2015)

Francis Njubi Nesbitt (Ph.D. 2002)

Race for Sanctions: African Americans against Apartheid,
1946-1994 (Blacks in the Diaspora)

by Francis Njubi Nesbitt

(Indiana University Press, 2004)

Ousmane K. Power-Greene (Ph.D. 2007)

Against Wind and Tide: The African American Struggle
Against the Colonization Movement

by Ousmane K. Power-Greene

(NYU Press, September 2014)

Lindsey R. Swindall (Ph.D. 2007)

The Path to the Greater, Freer, Truer World: Southern
Civil Rights and Anticolonialsim, 1937-1955

by Lindsey R. Swindall

(University of Florida Press, 2014)

The Politics of Paul Robeson's Othello

by Lindsey R. Swindall

(University of Mississippi Press, 2010)

Paul Robeson: A Life of Activism and Art

by Lindsey R. Swindall

(Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2013)

American Appetites: A Documentary Reader

by Jennifer Jensen Wallach and Lindsey R. Swindall

(University of Arkansas Press)


Christopher Tinson (Ph.D. 2010)

Radical Intellect: Liberator Magazine and Black
Activism in the 1960s

by Christopher M. Tinson

(University of North Carolina Press, 2017)

Jennifer Jensen Wallach (Ph.D. 2004)

Richard Wright: From Black Boy to World Citizen

by Jennifer Jensen Wallach

(Ivan R. Dee, 2010)

How America Eats: A Social History of
U.S. Food and Culture

by Jennifer Jensen Wallach

(Rowman & Littlefield, 2014)

Arsnick: The Student Nonviolent Coordinating
Committee in Arkansas

by Jennifer Jensen Wallach and John A. Kirk, eds.

(University of Arkansas Press, 2011)

"Closer to the Truth Than Any Fact":
Memoir, Memory, and Jim Crow

by Jennifer Jensen Wallach

(University of Georgia Press, 2010)

American Appetites: A Documentary Reader

by Jennifer Jensen Wallach and Lindsey R. Swindall

(University of Arkansas Press)