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Talk and Book Signing with Dr. Ousmane Power-Greene 

In this presentation, Professor Ousmane Power-Greene will discuss his path from writing his dissertation on the history of debates over the colonization movement to Liberia to his most recent novel The Confessions of Matthew Strong (Other Press/Random House 2022), and the challenges of writing historical and fictional works about these gut-wrenching themes and topics. 

The Confessions of Matthew StrongSince the Abolition Movement, African American activists have confronted the question of when, where, and in what format they should publish their books, poems, and essays. How does one choose where to publish their work? Or, should they publish their dissertations, poetry collections, novels, essays in print at all? The digital revolution has provided new opportunities to circulate ideas independent of print publications. Increasingly, online articles and books are deemed acceptable for tenure and promotion in the academy. In this talk, Professor Ousmane Power-Greene, UMass 07’  will share his own experiences – from dissertation to his most recent novel, The Confessions of Matthew Strong – with mainstream publishing, academic presses, scholarly, and commercial journals.

Monday, March 6th @ 6:30 p.m.  
New Africa House Theater Room (03 in the basement)

Books will be available for purchase.   Refreshments served!