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Triage Advice Nurse

If you don't know whether to make an appointment or if you have questions about medical care for a student, an employee, or yourself, call UHS Triage Advice Nurse, (413) 577-5229, during health center hours. For after-hours assistance, call (413) 577-5000 for medical advice and call (877) 831-7421 for mental health concerns.

How to Verify Student Absence from Class for Health Reasons

For students treated by medical providers, instructors may require written verification, within the limits of the health care provider’s policy, from the health provider. Where possible, students should notify faculty in advance if they will miss a class because of illness, injury or medical treatment.

Students should be made aware that they can leave a message at a department office or on an instructor’s voice mail to explain an absence the day it occurs, if possible.

How to help distressed students

If you are concerned about a student’s physical or mental health, for example if they are experiencing anxiety/depression, or have expressed concern about a situation they are navigating, information and resources are available from the Dean of Students Office. Additionally, there are tools and resources available in the Maroon Folder which outlines a variety of concerns that may come up for students. To contact the Dean of Students Office, call 413-545-2684 or submit the Student Support Request/Referral form. Mental health resources are a frequent referral in supporting students, and their office can be reached at the Center for Counseling and Psychological Health (CCPH) at 413-545-2337 or 877-831-7421 for after-hours assistance.

What services does UHS provide?

In addition to providing services for the student population, University Health Services (UHS) also provides the following health care for faculty, staff and their families:

  • Connect with a primary care provider
  • "Use our laboratory, radiology, physical therapy and full-service pharmacy
  • Get job-related health care and screenings from our occupational health care providers
  • See a specialist in Orthopedics or OB/GYN or Acupuncture
  • Have an eye exam and buy glasses or contacts
  • Quit smoking with help from UHS tobacco treatment program
  • Use the full-service pharmacy for prescriptions or savings on over-the-counter products
  • Find a health expert, substance abuse prevention specialist or mental health care professional to speak to your class or community group
  • Use our resources to support your research project
  • Stay healthy on your next trip with information and vaccinations from the travel medicine clinic
  • Get help with life’s challenges a counselor from UHS center for counseling and psychological health
  • Get vaccinated and stay up-to-date on public health issues

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