The University of Massachusetts Amherst

Employee Classification and Compensation

Human Resources is responsible for administering compensation and classification programs for campus exempt and non-exempt staff. The Provost’s Office sets guidelines and administers compensation for faculty and librarians. Student Employment in the Financial Aid Office is responsible for administering pay rates for undergraduate students, and the Graduate School oversees stipend compensation for graduate student employees and post-doctoral research employees.

Setting the Starting Pay (exempt and non-exempt employees only)

The start pay for non-exempt employees is defined by the Schedule of Salary rates. The start pay for exempt employees is guided by the Professional Staff Salary Administration Program Salary Schedule. In general, new employees are hired between the minimum of the range and the first quartile.  For salaries outside this range, a review by Human Resources is required. Contact your AO for the process followed in your executive area should you wish to hire someone above the first quartile.

Requesting Salary/Position Level Changes (exempt and non-exempt employees only)

Changes in compensation once an employee is hired can be reviewed if the employee’s position description changes significantly or if an inequity exists in the employee’s salary vis-à-vis other employees with similar histories.  For information on the procedure for making these types of requests, contact your AO and visit the HR HR website.

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